Large 10" Standard White Wedges (10" X 3-1/4" 1" Thick)

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Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: W-10

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Large 10" Standard White Wedges (10" X  3-1/4"  1"Thick)

W-10:  Wedges (10" X  3-1/4"  1"Thick). These White wedges, made of high grade plastic, are the most commonly used wedges because of their low cost. These are the most popular demolding wedges used in the fiberglass industry. They are used by inserting the wedge into the edge of the mold. The wedge can then be carefully pushed further to aid in demolding the part. For tough parts, many wedges can used around all edges. Many shops will keep these on hand in abundance to aid in demolding the parts. Because these are made of high impact plastic, the insertion edge keeps it's edge without breaking. After many uses, this edge can be re-shaped again and again. Plastic wedges are used throughout the fiberglass industry to avoid damaging the mold and the part.

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