About Us

Unlimited Products was founded in 1967 and is now considered to be one of the largest aftermarket fiberglass and carbon fiber producers!

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You can come to our plant in Hesperia CA and purchase directly, most scoops and small items are in stock, however it is still best to call ahead for a stock check (877) 735-7772. For larger items, please call us with any questions or to place the order. Generally we can the have the item(s) ready to ship from a few days to a few weeks.

Unlimited Products can look back on 50-plus years of providing automotive enthusiasts with fiberglass body components. In 1967, we started with a small 1,000 square foot shop in Fullerton, California. As business grew, Unlimited Products expanded to a larger facility in Anaheim, and then to Corona.

Unlimited Products Factory Home

In 2003 Unlimited Products moved to its current home, a custom-built 40,000 square foot complex on 10 acres in Hesperia, CA. As the company expanded, so did its product line, with over 4,000 part numbers now cataloged!


In 2003, Unlimited Products acquired southern California's most popular and well-known sport fishing boat manufacturer "Skipjack" Unlimited Products produces these highly regarded ocean crafts in Hesperia through its Marine Division. Skipjacks's are known for being "Rugged, Well built and Reliable". Unlimited Products also makes a line of products for use by professionals in the fiberglass industry.

For information on Skipjack check out our website at: