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Demolding Wedges
For Fiberglass and Other Products

The Blue wedge, although still flexible, is stiffer then the Pink wedge and is ideal for applications where a firmer wedge is need.
The Blue handle wedge is made from a poly material making it stiff & rugged. It has a comfortable handle (with great balance) which makes it ideal for use as an edge hammer, while also having a wedge shaped end for easy and quick insertion into the mold.
The Green wedges are made from high impact nylon which makes them ideal for applications where durability and reduced mold damage is preferred. The Green wedge will typically outlast the White Standard Wedge by a ratio of 5-1.
The Pink wedges are flexible making them ideal for removing parts from compound molds or where the fiberglass is thin.
Made from a blended plastic, the Deluxe wedges are firmer than the Standard wedges, however they are still very economic. Sizes are the same as the Standard wedges.
These White wedges, made of high grade plastic, are the most commonly used wedges because of their low cost. These are the most popular demolding wedges used in the fiberglass industry.
The Tomahawk Wedge is a beveled wedge which is ideal for de-molding larger parts such as boat hulls. These wedges are placed in several areas of the mold to maintain pressure in desired areas.
Special chemically resistant material which will not permanently bond to body putty, which can easily be peeled off when hard. The edge is very straight and has a precise contour for precise application of putty without streaking.
This special rubber compound has been formulated to withstand fiberglass cleanup solvents, acetone & water-based solvents. Flexible enough to match the contour of most irregular shapes. Edge is a special wedge shape to allow proper pressure in spreading.

All Our Wedges are Proudly Made in the USA