Demolding Handle Wedge, Heavy Duty, Blue (11-1/2" x 3-5/16") - Drilled w/ Fitting and Air Gun

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Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: B12

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Packaged Set:
Heavy Duty/Handle Demolding Heavy Duty Wedge 11 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 1" Thick
Drilled w/ Fitting and Air Gun

B-12AG: Heavy Duty / Handle Wedge Blue 12" The demolding Blue Handle Wedge is made from a poly material making it stiff and rugged. It has a comfortable handle (with great balance) which makes it ideal for use as an edge hammer, while also having a wedge shaped end for easy and quick insertion into the mold. The tip can be ground for extended service life. "Shoulders" where the handle meets the widened area are designed to allow another wedge to push for deep cavity insertion. This handle wedge is generally used for tapping or driving other wedges into the mold and to "break" edges where the fiberglass part meets the edge of the mold. Plastic wedges are used throughout the fiberglass industry to avoid damaging the mold and the part. Unlimited Products is the largest manufacturer of these plastic wedges, bondo spreaders and resin squeegees. These items are not import items. We are proud to have been producing these TOP quality plastic wedges for more than 2 decades. We use only the finest "Virgin" materials to maintain the impact toughness of each and every wedge. Drilled w/ Fitting and Air Gun.

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