"Outlaw" Cowl induction scoop 6" tall. 53-1/2" long. 23-1/4" wide at base. 21" wide at top. With inside flange Entire scoop has a slight curve

Price: $239.95
Item Number: SC-1263
Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: SC-1263
"Outlaw" Cowl Induction Scoop 6" Tall. 53-1/2" Long. 23-1/4" Wide at Base. 21" Wide at Top
With Inside Flange - Entire Scoop Has a Slight Curve

SC-1263: Smooth top, no ridge. Entire scoop has a slight curve (when looking at it from the side view, mid point is bowed up 1-1/8"), this allows it to set neatly on almost all hoods. Bolt kit and instructions included.

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