1967 - '69 Chevy Camaro Cold Air Box Only

Price: $65.00
Item Number: CA-142
Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: CA-142
Cold Air Box Only, Fits 1967 - '69 Camaro
& Others Hoods With Cowl Scoop

CA-142: Designed to fit any fiberglass cowl induction hood. Installation is best done by glassing in with fiberglass mat and resin. 12 1/2 inch circular hole is designed to accommodate 69-style air filter assembly, or can be cut larger for other applications. Side flanges are angled to match inside angle of scoop.

"Cold air boxes are used in conjunction with a '69 Camaro air filter assembly with a rubber circular seal along the top that seals against the cold air box, otherwise the cold air box is almost useless, but the cold air box can be cut to accommodate standard air  filter assemblies (but it won't be functional)."

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