1971 – ‘77 Vega Hood w/ 9" 3-Degree Windshield Scoop (Has Scoop At 24" From Back Of Hood & 7" High Carb Clearance At Back),"Race Weight" - Full Pin On

Price: $449.95
Item Number: V-132T
Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: V-132T

1971 – ‘77 Chevrolet Vega Hood with 9" 3-Degree Windshield Scoop
(V-132 Has Scoop At 24" From Back Of Hood & Has 7" High Carb Clearance At Back Of Hood)
"Race Weight" - Full Pin On

V-132T: A full windshield length snorkel offers that extra clearance needed when a single four is on a tunnel ram manifold. Will also work with 2 fours on a tunnel, if engine is moved back at least 3". Scoop top is supplied along with hood. "Race Weight" - Full Pin On. Made from highest quality materials for low weight.

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