1967 - '69 Camaro Cowl Induction Hood With Z-28 Scoop & Cold Air Box, Pin Front

Price: $409.00
Item Number: CA-141
Manufacturer: Unlimited Performance Products
Manufacturer Part No: CA-141
1967 - '69 Camaro Cowl Induction Hood  With Z-28 Scoop & Cold Air Box, Pin Front

CA-141 Replica Z28 cowl induction hood with full inner bracing and steel inserts for mounting to hinges. Cold air box is built in for using 69 Camaro-style air filter assembly. This will allow air to be drawn from cowl induction scoop and directly into the carburetor.
"Cold air boxes are used in conjunction with a '69 Camaro air filter assembly with a rubber circular seal along the top that seals against the cold air box, otherwise the cold air box is almost useless, but the cold air box can be cut to accommodate standard air filter assemblies (but it won't be functional)."

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